About Us

It’s funny where life takes you and the people you meet. As I sit and stare at the screen and try to write a story of how this all started I struggle to make sense of it all…

As a kid I remember taking apart my mother’s Walkman just to see how it worked. When I couldn’t get that back together I took apart my dad’s, trust me it didn’t go over well. When it came to working with my hands I could build and fix just about anything, except for Walkman’s. 

I was watching a movie in 2016 and saw someone build a surf board. I had been wakesurfing since 2013 and loved being on the water. I started researching how to build a board and found a shaping class that was offered in Vancouver BC. The next week I was on a plane and headed to learn the art of building a board. 

After the first one I was hooked, then I built a second and third. I didn’t know what I had till the end of one summer when I left Kelowna BC headed back to Alberta to work in the Oil Sands. My friends continued to ride my boards while having access to all the big name brands. I remember telling the boys, “I’m going to build a wakesurf company.” I still don’t know if they believed me or not.

That’s when Surfslut was born! A bunch of friends who are passionate about surfing, love being on the water, girls in bikinis, having a few drinks, making new adventures and telling old stories while making new ones.

This all started with one board and some good friends, but trust me when I say there is more to come.

Jamie Howald